Importance of IS?

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Re: Importance of IS?

Hi Dorus,

I had to consider this last year when I switched from a Sony DSLR to Nikon.

I used EXIF data in Lightroom to see how many photos taken with my primes were taken at shutter speeds below 1/EFL (and I also looked to see if some were taken at lower ISOs where there was room to raise the ISO).  I came up with this:

10% of photos taken with my 28/2 almost certainly benefitted from IS and a higher percentage (15% I think) of photos taken with my 85/1.4 benefitted.  Give or take - it wasn't a precise analysis and maybe IS helped a bit at slightly faster shutter speeds.  It should be noted that one reason the numbers were fairly low is that I try maintain minimum shutter speeds when shooting people, and that's above 1/ELF for the 28.

Then I looked at that collection of photos to see how many of them I might have been able to take with tripod and how many of them I could live without.

Ultimately I decided that while IBIS is a nice feature, it wasn't a dealbreaker.

So in comparing the Oly option or NEX (with its stabilized primes) to Panasonic or Fuji, I would factor it into my decision, but as a small consideration.

- Dennis

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