Beg for help! Sensor problem for d600.

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Re: Thermal noise

jarau wrote:

xrdbear wrote:

It's thermal noise. All DSLRs suffer from it to some extent. The mistake is in shooting at a high iso and then expecting to be able to push the shot 3/4 stops. If you had taken the shot with a correct exposure you would have got a long enough shutter speed to invoke long exposure noise reduction (provided it was selected) and the magenta cast would be gone.

You can get the same effect at the shorter exposure you are using (presumably to avoid motion blur or something) by taking a second, equal time and iso, exposure with the lens and viewfinder caps on and then subtracting it from the real exposure in photoshop or its equivalent. If you are planning to take a whole load of shots at the same settings you can get away with only making one dark frame exposure to do the correction.

Yes, thermal noise could cause it. I have compared my D700 and D600 at ISO 3200 at 1s with lens cap. I pushed the images 2 stops and moved the shadow slider to 100%. I used Nikon Capture NX 2 for this purpose, because I've found out, that it produce less magenta cast in the shadows. The result was, that there is nothing of this effect with D700 (simply noisy black). I've contacted the service but they only want a "real world sample". Yes of course the problem does not exists on default development configuration, but I think one of the main advantages of full frame is the high ISO capabilities. The D700 is great here, but where is the D600? I'm very, very disappointed concerning this topic. Lightroom has only a beta support for the D600. Maybe it would be better with the final version.

D600 1s ISO 3200 shadows full 2 stops pushed Nikon Capture NX 2

D700 1s ISO 3200 shadows full 2 stops pushed Nikon Capture NX 2

My D90 even won't produce magenta noise like this. So that's why I think it is problem for D600. Especially when considering many review talking about how powerful D600's dynamic range is. If it is  like this, it is totally useless to talk about dynamic range.

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