And the ugliest new camera award goes to.....

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Re: And the ugliest new camera award goes to.....

DLBlack wrote:

After looking at the photos a few times over the past couple of days I went from thinking it was ugly to thinking it was kind of cute. I guess they decided to go the retro Nikon F look.

Any way it is nice to see that the Nikon System 1 camera system has expanded to include a camers ith a built-in EVF and a built-in flash.

I still haven't figured out the fixtation on hoe a camera looks. A camera is just a tool for capturing photos. It needs all the controls and features to let a person do that. A camera us not a fashion accessory.


I agree too.

I can't see a lot of the camera when I have my eye stuck to the viewfinder. And that 'ugly' grip looks really secure.



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