Nikon's new V2 - thoughts

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Re: Nikon's new V2 - thoughts

jonikon wrote:

rinkos wrote:

from dpreview.

so lets recap this....a VF 1.4m and 15fps + x3 lens = 900$
tossing asside that truly amazing FPS under full AF ...why on earth pay 900$ for a cam like that when the former 5N +lens +a buy able VF cost less ...

but really still baffles me people are still buying cameras with much lesser sensor that cost more .

Because it is not all about the sensor size.

  • The 5n lacks phase detection focusing and tracking, the V2 has it.
  • V2 has a super fast silent electronic shutter. 5n is mechanical.
  • The Sony lenses are not sharp, but Nikon 1 lenses are sharp. (The larger and mostly horrible lenses is the main thing that has stopped me from buying into the NEX system.)
  • The Nikon V2 body is smaller and about a third lighter than the NEX bodies.When you add the lenses the weight difference is more like 40%.
  • All Nikon AF-S lenses can meter and use PDAF with the optional FT-1 F-Mount Adapter.
  • Comparable V2 lenses are much smaller for the N1 cameras than for Sony NEX.
  • Just look at this size comparison at this link.,392.41,33.88,ha,t

The Nikon V2 may not have the IQ of NEX cameras, but it does have features the NEX cameras lack, and is compelling to some for those reasons.

I agree that the price is too high for the V2 though, and I expect it will come down to a more reasonable level once all the V1 stock has been sold off.

If Sony NEX had better quality lenses that did not hamstring the image quality of the larger NEX sensor cameras, it would be a much more attractive system than it currently is. But as it stands the NEX cameras are not as compelling, as some Sony fans think they are due to the larger sensor..

- Jon

Why not use this link for proper size comparision?

and this one with 28-300 equiv on

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