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Re: Need a second body

curradob wrote:

I have a 50D and borrow a Rebel Xsi for events. Problem is, the Xsi does not do near as well with white balance, color rendering. The Xsi is not mine so that's the other issue. Had to replace my shutter mechanism on my 50D and thankfully Canon had it turned around in 4 days so that also made me realize how much I need a second camera.

Photography is my second "job" - doing most work for friends, the school my daughter attends, and the office where I work.

I want to purchase a 7D for use as the main body then keep my 50D for backup/second camera.

Just trying to decide if it's worth it or if I should consider another used 50D, or something less expense.

I shoot weddings, portraits, sports mainly. I think I will like the better autofocusing capability of the 7D and it seems most reviews are positive. I also like the feel of the larger camera - the Rebel feels like a toy when compared to my 50D. It is also coming down in price a bit.

Maybe I'm just looking for confirmation that it is the right thing to do - and part ways with my $1400 savings.

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Since you shoot sports, I'd highly recommend the 7D over any present Txx series as the AF is much much more responsive. I know you want one and really suspect you're just needing a bit of encouragement to make that leap of faith. I would shop around to get a better price than $1400 as tis the season when prices on cameras will be lowered to entice Christmas shoppers. I personally haven't used a Rebel series camera since the Rebel XT so I'm not up to speed on how much better the AF is on the most recent model.

You might also look at the Kijiji or Craigslist offers in your local area for a slightly used one. You'll likely save several hundreds of dollars and get an almost new camera. There are those who have switched to fullframe or other formats and need to unload their 7D camera. Just be sure to check it out thoroughly before forking over the dough.

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