The changing tide towards Mirrorless?

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Re: Amazing that no one listed to Canon themselves

ljfinger wrote:

They read it wrong, and others have, despite the fact that it's dirt-simple to read:

"Within the Imaging System Business Unit, despite efforts to achieve sales growth with the competitively priced EOS Digital Rebel series along with the EOS 5D Mark III and EOS 60D advanced-amateur models, sales volumes of interchangeable-lens digital cameras decreased from the year-ago period due to a delayed new-product launch."

So, is the reason mirrorless? Nope. It's due to the fact that they didn't release all the products they had planned for this year on schedule. Assuming at least one of those was a consumer model that had been planned for the holiday selling season, that could have a big impact.

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Lee Jay
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Lee Jay,

You seem to key on the part of that statement I deemed a throwaway excuse.  The 1Dx was delayed, The 6D has been delayed, neither adds up to a hill of beans compared to what they sell in Rebels and 60Ds.  It sounds like they missed their targets and are making up an excuse for the shareholders.

They clearly set the 5DIII price too high, witness the big dumps on ebay at under 3k.  They underestimated the impact of the 600D on the prosumer 60D.  The biggest question is does the fallen halo effect of late launches and overpriced products effect the bottom end of the line Rebels?

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