NEX-6 : How accurate is the auto ISO?

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Re: This is what I found ...

harry2007 wrote:

Yes, I think setting it to a fix ISO ... or ... Shutter speed mode is a good option.

What I also found, if I ...

- Reduce the EV to -0.3 instead of 0.0

- Set the Metering Mode to Multi

Then the shutter speed will be a bit faster for the same ISO and F setting.

I don't know if there is any other settings could affect this as well.

Usually, I use 0.0 EV and Metering Mode = Center.

I also tried the bounce flash trick, by pulling the flash back. It gave a good result, but I don't really like the look.

Hi Harry. You sound, like you are very new to photography, is that correct?

Because you sound as if it was a discovery for you that doing an EV-0.3 correction increases the shutter speed. But I get the impression, that you do not really understand why and what -0.3EV really does.

I'm sorry if I made a wrong comment - I'm just reading between the lines.

If this is all kind of acrabadabra for you, I highly recommend that you buy a book about photography, that explains the effects of shutter speed, aperture, ISO and the PASM modes. Also the different metering modes. You use center metering in certain situations, and multi will not be able to do the same thing in that situation and visa versa.

If you learn about these things, they start to become predictable and you will also understand when you have to do what to achieve a goal.

Again, excuses if my assessment is wrong, just trying to help you here.

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I'm a peaceful person looking for clarity and harmony and willing to help. If you believe my post had the intention to harm you in some way, you are probably wrong. =;-) Please verify first before assuming something bad happened to you. I can be a bit too brief at times. =;-)

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