A really pretty photo I captured yesterday (img)

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A thought

yvind Strm wrote:

NeilJones wrote:

I dunno, just has a very lovely, peaceful feeling to it?


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Shoot like it's your last day..

It really puzzles me why this picture gets comments like:

  • Very nice.
  • Lovely composition. .. drawn into the scene … Nicely done.
  • If a little rotate, then perfect.
  • Very nice Lighting and composition are perfect.
  • Glorious capture. Perfect light.
  • Keeper
  • Beautiful shot.
  • Lovely image (apart from focus)
  • Beautiful light and composition.
  • Great shot. I really like it.
  • A wonderful picture with atmosphere & colour in abundance

Therefore I have some questions to those giving these comments.

1. What is this a picture of?

  • Autumn?
  • A road?
  • Some trees with nice colors and light.
  • The nice light under the trees?
  • Something else?

I challenge any of the commenters to answer this.

2. There are several compositional elements in the pictures. Such elements are supposed to support the overall idea or the main theme/object in the picture. Included in this is the framing, with the dark foreground and black trees – totally nearly 50% of the image. So my next question is: Do the compositional elements support the idea of the picture, or are they just compositional elements that really does not add to the composition?

3. The lighting. I agree that the light is fantastic. But is this captured and shown properly?

4. The focus. Was it only adegroot and pixel_peeper that could see that the focus is not good. Or it is acceptable to have focus on an uninteresting foreground on the expense of the main objects (whatever they are)

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Kind regards
SD14 Compendium:

I think he just saw a scene that was beautiful to Him and shot it Incorprating all the elements at hand as the whole scene was what moved him . Could he have done better technically / compositionally? more than likely yes, was he thinking about perfect focus / compsition like a pro who sells thier work for thier living no. Some photos just need to be taken in as a whole as was stated in his original post of having A lovely and peacefull feeling to it, which it does in my opionion. The colors seem right for a fall day on the east side to me. 
     Lovely photo did you take any more shots or just this one ? did you use a poloriser ?

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