Olympus EPL2 Super control Panel

Started Mar 7, 2011 | Discussions thread
Helen Veteran Member • Posts: 5,322
Re: Olympus EPL2 Super control Panel

clearzoom wrote:

is the Live control mode set by default so when we press ok button, it shows live control

Yes, I think it is, before you customise the camera, at least for the P, S, A and M modes.  I seem to remember that Live Guide is the standard one on the more automated modes (iAuto etc.).  However, as I mentioned all those months ago, I find it best to activate all of them in the extended menus (you only need to do it once) and then you can get whichever one you want in a split second, because pressing the Info button will cycle through the different styles, and the camera remembers the one you select and stays with that until you change it to another one by using Info to change it again.

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