Said Good Bye to my Canon 5D MK II today.

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I have both, the ZD 8mm fisheye and the Samyang (actually mine is the Bower labeled version). I would have to say that I honestly can't see any greater sharpness with the ZD over the Samyang -- and the Samyang is very, very small and lightweight compared to the ZD.

I have not taken the time (and probably won't) to do duplicate shots to compare corner 100% crops, but the Samyang is amazingly sharp considering its price. I bought my Bower used, in mint condition for $235 and it was a huge bargain in my opinion.

The biggest advantage to the ZD 8mm is when shooting very, very close up the AF is fairly quick and accurate, whereas the Samyang takes a bit more time to get critical focus manually -- but at anything over a five feet away, infinity focus will nail it.

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