What do these shutter speed increments mean?

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Re: What do these shutter speed increments mean?

Chris R-UK wrote:

water1 wrote:

I recently saw shutter speed listed for a landscape photo at 1146/10, another at 451/5 and an interior shot at 5/2. I orioginally assumed it was in reference to a fill flash in combination with extended exposure, but the landscapes were too broad for flash. Can soimeone please interpret these references for me. Thanks

This is a problem with the software displaying the shutter speeds which doesn't seem to complete the arithmetic to give the speed.

I assume that 1146/10 actually means 1/(1146/10) or about 1/115s. Similarly I assume that 451/5 is actually 1/90s.

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Chris R

Chris is correct.

I would assume these were shot in aperture priority mode or really any other mode where the camera picks a shutter speed. The camera can report and use speeds not normally chosen by the user. You might choose 1/100th of a second or 1/1000th of a second but the camera can choose 1/114.6th of a second. The camera cannot use decimal points so it raises the denominator to 10. Shutter speeds of 1 second or less are given as implied fractions. The camera will say 100, 200, 1000 etc. instead of 1/100, 1/200, 1/1000. Times longer than 1 second usually will be marked like 2" for 2 seconds. Sometimes you will see 2"5 which means 2.5 seconds. It does get confusing when the camera reports a inverse fraction but that is just a limitation of the old fixed displays. No real reason to do that on LCD readouts, but inertia slows change.

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