Does the D3x hold any advantage in performance or usability in comp to D800?

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Re: No.

RodluvanII wrote: wrote:

The D800 has better autofocus, better high ISO noise, better dynamic range.

The D3X is perhaps more rugged; it certainly has a better battery door. The D3X batteries last longer. I would rather not have a pop up flash. D3X has a built in vertical grip, of course. I extensively used and loved the D3X for more than 3 years.

Since I got the D800/D800E twins I have not used the D3X once. I prefer the smaller, lighter bodies, and the D800 image quality is just amazing. I found the D3X good up to ISO 1600 and the D800 is good up to ISO 6400. Either camera is capable of making great images, but I would never buy a D3X today. I think the D800 is the best camera Nikon has ever made.


Hm, it's a discussion of marginal gain. I'm sure the D800 has better DR, but I'm not convinced it's something that is apparent in practical use (when dealing in low to medium ISO). Not having used either, this is just a hunch, mind. If the d3x has better DR than the D700 I'd be more than satisfied as that camera is already fantastic.

So with the batterygrip, better sealed and tougher body (presumably), longer battery-life and slightly higher framerate, not to mention the extra display on the back (not sure this is of much use though) the d3x is looking good imo.

I forgot to mention I don't care one bit about video capability which seem to be the indisputable difference, many will cherish in the D800.

FYI, the "slightly higher frame rate" applies only to 12-bit color shooting. If you shoot 14-bit color, the D800 is much faster. D3X in 14-bit color has only half the frame rate of the D800 (2fps vs. 4fps).

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