35mm or 40mm voigtlander 1.4 nokton for A12 m mount?

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Re: 35mm or 40mm voigtlander 1.4 nokton for A12 m mount?

dbledsoe wrote:

I have had both and recommend either as excellent lenses but I kept neither. Both are excellent but I sold both and kept the incredible 35/1.2 Nokton. At 1.2 it is incredible. At all other apertures it is large, heavy, and a handful but it is the only 35mm lens I have used that does what it does so well at 1.2.

As to the 40/1.4 single or multi-coated, I found, with the multi-coated lens, I had more contrast and could reduce same in post processing if necessary. With the single coated lens I felt I was, more or less, stuck with what I could get out of it. I could increase contrast but it didn't look as I felt it should compared to reducing contrast using the multi-coated lens. No doubt that others are much better at post processing images than me but that was my limited experience. YMMV.


Very helpful thanks.

This 35/1.2 sounds nice but I prefer the small size of the 1.4 lenses. I have a DSLR brick for the demanding situations..


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