X10, holy filter adaptor

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William Ing Contributing Member • Posts: 615
Re: X10, holy filter adaptor

Yes, ratty and evoprox, we already know that many Leica rangefinder lenshoods, especially the ones for their wideangle lenses, feature that cutout design to minimize the outline of the hood in the viewfinder window. Nobody is saying the design originated with Fuji.

But not a single Leica M-series rangefinder camera ever featured a popup flash in the upper lefthand corner of the body. So the question asked by steve36 in an earlier post is apt: Why would Fuji have marketed such a wide diameter lenshood design for the X10 without conducting adequate testing?

(And then had the nerve to charge a ridiculous $40-45 for that worthless--unless altered with black tape over the slits--accessory?)

Fortunately, there are several workaround lenshood + filter options for the X10, as has been pointed out in previous posts on this thread.

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