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Re: 5D Mark 3 one week old DEAD!!!!! help please

alwaysDSLR wrote:

I don't understand why people spent a fortune for a top notch camera and are prepared to risk damaging their camera by using those third party batteries. These batteries are usually inferior and may damage the delicate electronics in these cameras. Similarly, some still go for third party battery grips which may damage the electrical contacts of the camera. These are clear examples of "penny wise pound foolish"

Its because some of us wont pay over the odds for something and know we are getting screwed.

Everyone knows OEM accessories are over priced. You could turn the argument around and ask why Canon charge so much for a battery when you have just paid a lot for their camera. Its all to do with making a profit, and some need or want to make more than others.

You say "these batteries are usually inferior", so for those that aren't there is no argument right? Its just a matter of finding the ones that work properly.

Having said that, this thread did make me pull out the 3rd party battery i had in my 5DMKIII, although that was also because the indicator kept flashing even though the battery was almost fully charged and i was already thinking it wasn't working right. Better to be safe than sorry

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