Where to get larger than 10x8" lab prints UK?

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Re: Where to get larger than 10x8" lab prints UK?

JamieTux wrote:

Like someone above I agree that

Photobox is pretty good - as long as you don't mind cutting it yourself later for non (photobox) standard sizes

I've also used Whitewall for finished prints (very good and will do any size)

Photech (photec.co.uk) are good too although their finishing on mounted prints does not seem to be quite at the level of Whitewall (but they are a lot cheaper!) - they will do any size too, but the price is worked out on the longest edge

Fujifilm offer a print service that is very good

I know someone who speaks very highly of these too - although I've not used them http://www.dscolourlabs.co.uk/

I've just had a couple of sample 10x8s done by dscolourlabs.  They are excellent and extremely good value at 50p each!  You can choose to send your images as pre-sized and corrected (with their supplied profiles).  I tend to print toned b&w so I uploaded two reference photos with slightly different toning to match the mounts and frames I use.  The results have come back spot on - just as good as the results I was getting from by HPB8850 printer (which has just given up the ghost) and at considerably lower cost.

No more swearing at the printer for me!

All of them have Fuji Crystal as their entry level paper stock.

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