DP2M vs OMD-E-5

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Re: DP2M vs OMD-E-5

Sorry, but that comparison doesn't mean much.

Shoot RAW on both cameras and sharpen accordingly. Setting 0 in SPP IS NOT zero sharpening. Use a great lens on the OM-D just as it is being done on th DP2M. The kitlens is quite poor regarding sharpness and RAW alone won't change anything about that.

I also have the DP2M and an OM-D and also did some tests with high quality lenses in the normal range, like the Nokton 25/0.95. The DP2M stays the king of fine detail rendering, it's just incredible, no matter what camera/lens I test it against it wins everytime at base ISO and with good light. Regarding any other field of image quality (WB, colours, highlights, ISO, bokeh,...) and camera handling (speed, AF, MF, IS,...) the OM-D smokes it like there's no tomorrow. But that doesn't matter at all, the DP2M is a specialized tool that does great for what it is made to do. For pictures out of it's limits, just use something else, an OM-D for example.

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