Does the D3x hold any advantage in performance or usability in comp to D800?

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Re: is it worth + $4000 over the cost of D800

Karld70 wrote:

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Karld70 wrote:

I can see if someone has the D3x they would not sell and buy a D800. But of you are looking at moving up from an old FX body, or move from DX to FX. Are there a lot of people that would pay $4000 more for the D3x over the D800? I'm not even getting into the argument of what camera is better D800/D3x,.. they are completely different bodies. And if the price gap was not so large, it would be a different story, but for that cost difference,.. ? I don't know

I'm looking at a used d3x with 17 000 actuations for less than a used D800.

O/c I wouldn't consider buying a new d3x for the price it is going for.

Wow, is that a really good deal you found, or is the used D3x market cost that low? That is incredible, I never would have guessed.

I mean "htan for less than a new D800", but you probably understod that.

And, well, the price for used d3x have plummeted as it mainly had one advantage over the rest and that was pixelcount.

Not that many used around though.

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