What I like about the new V2 design

Started Oct 25, 2012 | Discussions thread
ncruces Forum Member • Posts: 94
Re: What I like about the new V2 design

Jord wrote:

I'd much prefer the built in viewfinder I had a camera with a bolt on viewfinder and I was always worried about breaking it or loosing it. I for one would not by buying a V2 if it had a bolt on viewfinder.

Well, I'd rather it was integrated it the body. The way it's placed it manages to protrude significantly in every direction (upward, backward and forward). It really seems tacked on top of the camera.

In fact, this camera design is composed of a bunch of protrusions slapped together. The grip protrusion is understandable. But the lens mount manages to protrude forward, and the lens release protrudes forward and to the side.

Maybe it will look/feel better in person.

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