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Re: 5D Mark 3 one week old DEAD!!!!! help please

Canondog wrote:

Hi there. Im traveling outside the US and I have an ugly problem. My company purchased 4 5D mk iii and 3 of them are dead! This is a once in a life time situation.

This is what happened. I purchased several 3rd party batteries online and took them with me last week. I charge them and kept them as backups. Yesterday I was using my last original Canon battery, and when I plugged this 7.4v 2600 mAh LP-E6, the camera went dead. it seemed strange to me so I plugged the same in the other camera and it did not turn on. I then charged an original and it did not work on the first two 5ds except on the 3rd. once i drained that battery, I plugged the 3rd party battery and the camera, flipped the switch, and ir turned on for a split second and then it died.

I have a feeling that a fuse or something is dead. I went to a camera shop and they advised me to call Canon, when I called Canon, I was told that it can only be serviced in the USA. the closest place where it can be fixed is 100's of miles away. Im in Patagonia and I need to find a fix for this.

The camera shop here told me that if i can get the fuse ( in case that thats the problem) they will replace it. Thats a risk im willing to take.


Also, if I can get a link to where I can buy this part it will help me a lot.


Wow. I'd have thought that doing it once is unfortunate, doing it again, careless and doing it the third time....

Seriously though, this is a design flaw - or part of the design. The camera should have overvoltage protection systems (not just a fuse) at the battery input, and it should be very hard indeed for someone to engineer a lithium battery which is so overvoltage as to damage the system or even blow a fuse. Remember a fuse blows through over current conditions, and the power supply to the camera should be regulated, and receive current only according to its own controlled requirements. If this seriously is a blown fuse, it is symptomatic of seriously poor design. More likely, the camera has read the battery's chip, recognised it as a clone, and turned the camera off. Whether they will reset themselves is another issue. I suspect if you take them to a Canon service centre they will know the procedure to reset the camera, and no new parts will be needed.

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