OM-D E-M5 - Which lens for a world tour?

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Re: OM-D E-M5 - Which lens for a world tour?

reefdreams wrote:

Hi guys,

I'm looking to invest in a mirrorless system and was considering the Olympus. In your experience, which lens would you recommend for going around the world? We will be going in various countries with different weather.

If you had one lense to pick what would you go for?


If shooting still subjects in decent light:

The Oly 12-50 kit lens or the Oly 14-54/2,8-3,5 with the MMF-3 adapter.

I own both lenses, but have yet not tried the 14-54 on my OM-D EM5 because of slow delivery of the MMF-3 adapter.

For a trip, and with still subjects, I´d most probably take the 14-54 (if only ONE lens allowed!)

It´s super sharp, strongly built, weather sealed and not too big for the OM-D with grip at least (I have the grip)

That said, I have found the kit 12-50 is absolutely not bad at all, on the contrary, it´s sharp and I wouldn´t say it offers much less IQ than the 14-54 (which is absolutely marvellous)

Though, the 12-50 is slower, light gathering wise

Eagerly awaiting the MMF-3, as you can understand

I had the E-5, by the way, so I do have some experience of how sharp the 14-54 can be, and from my 2 months with the EM5, the exceptional Oly 75mm/1,8 & the 12-50...I must say I expect very sharp shots coming from the EM5 with the 14-54...

Focus speed is very fast, yes ultra fast really, with the 12-50.

I expect that to slow down considerably with the 14-54 on the OM-D. That may be a factor for you to have in mind, when contemplating these "tips"!

Have a good trip, whatever kit you end up bringing around!

The OM-D will surely deliver in its own right.

Especially, on top of a bit higher resolution than before (from Olympus) it has a very good dynamic range, much better that any previous Olympus camera, m4/3 or 4/3.

Which lens(es) you mount will be for you to consider...hope you will find a good balance size/needs/prices etc

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