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Re: Kite boarding and beach stuff - Xpro1

sgoldswo wrote:

Really love picture number five (struggling with the kite). Whole set is very good. I notice these are all with the 35, did you get the 18 as well?

Hi, thanks for your feedback. I did indeed get the 18mm with the camera, i bought it when i got the body and i claimed the 35mm from fuji on their free lens deal. I like both lenses equally, they are really good quality and capable of good results. I like the 18mm for size and weight and it is very pancake like without the hood.

I did not take the 18mm when i went to the beach, i usually dont like swapping lenses much, especially on a windy beach with sea spray and sand everywhere! I generally choose one lens before i go out and stick with it, its all dependent on where i go, for the beach i like the longer focal length, especially when taking shots of moving kite boarders and buggies as it can be pretty dangerous getting very close to them which i would have needed to do if i had the 18mm.

Just waiting for the 56mm now and i am set with all the focal lengths i will need for 95% of the shots i take.



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