50mm lens for my K-5?

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Re: Quick shift

Gerry Winterbourne wrote:

If you go to the Pentax website lens page and open the details for any lens you'll see a set of tabs below the photo of the lens. The right-hand tab is Downloads - click it and you get a link (downward-pointing arrow) to a full Pentax lens and accessory catalogue.

This has icons by each lens for features such as WR, IF etc including QS. Both the 35/2.4 and 50/1.8 have QS according to this cataloigue: indeed, of the currently listed lenses the 18-270 is the only one without QS (the DA14/2.8 isn't listed; nor are the FA Limited series).

The website is wrong at least for the 35/2.4. I am almost certain it is wrong about the 50/1.8 as well, because user reviews all indicate it does not feature quick-shift. I have personally handled one, however.

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