G15- Almost 3 Stop Advantage Over Predecessors

Started Oct 21, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Yes, very simply

But claiming 1.5 stops just from the sensor ... I do not think it is true.

When I say 1.5 stops useability, its an opinion. Granted one that is founded with years of experience and observation etc, but still an opinion regardless. Best not to try and make truth or lie out of an opinion.

I take a lot of things into account such as banding, grain structure, tonality, color retention and bleeding, etc. when I make that final opinion. So yes, my opinion stands the G15 has a good stop and a half better overall performance than the G12 in this regard.

Ultimately I analyze a camera over many lighting situations, in raw, and come to a final conclusion on what max ISO setting I'd rely on in raw and never want to go over if I were to make a print for a client. G12 is ISO 2500, G15 ISO 6400.

So there ya go!

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