MSA-10 + 5n = NO SYNC

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Re: MSA-10 + 5n = NO SYNC

Just another update on this, I have received my 2nd MSA-10 and it seems to be working fine. Get sync speeds up to 200 with the Yongnuo YN560-II.

Firing was a little hit and miss with it not going off if I rotated the flash head, and after observing and looking at the contacts I worked out that the top angled metal part on the Yongnuo's flash foot is very close to the middle pin and may slightly touch it the middle pin of the MSA-10, which if my theory is right would stop the flash from firing. A quick fix was to use a bit of thin insulation tape to cover the metal that came close (pic included). Seems to have worked and the flash is firing every time.

Another thing I have noticed that may stop some flashes from firing properly is that the two metal arms that form the hot shoe of the MSA-10 seem to rise up a little too high, so when you tighten your flash onto it the flash is pulled up and there might be a slight gap between the contacts on the foot of the flash and the metal of the MSA-10. Wedging a little aluminium foil in the gap may help the contacts touch.

Now time to buy some wireless triggers

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