V2 as a serious birder camera?

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Re: V2 as a serious birder camera?

Bobby Handal wrote:

First a little background.

I own a D800 and a variety of lenses, including a 500mm Vr and a 200-400mm, 70-200mm vr, etc. I love the ability to crop and high ISO quality.

I also own a Olympus em5, with a 75-300mm (a 600mm equivalent) , I love its portability, but do not like the grain quality or the crop quality, some focus imprecision ,etc .

However, I am tempted by the V2 (I wasn't tempted by the V1 due to low MP count) along with the FT1 to be able to get more reach to my subject and to be able to go lighter weight.


Do you think the camera is "mature enough"?

Is focus accurate enough? fast enough with the FT1? BIF ?

I would love to hear the speculation (I know the camera is not out yet) of birders and owners of the V1 that use the FT1 .

Best regards and thanks.

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Regarding birds in flight try reading Thom Hogan's review of the V1 here. As far as I remember it is without the FT1 but he seems reasonably impressed (and he is not easy to impress). You can also read about shooting wildlife in general by Brad Hill here. Mr. Hill's review is the definitive review in my opinion. He clearly knows his stuff.

I just bought a V1 on the cheap a week ago and it feels well rounded - in particular as a first camera in a system. I do not shoot birds and have only shot a thousand or so pictures, but the AF-tracking mode is quite impressive in GOOD light.

The main objection to the V-system (if the V2 behaves like a V1) is the slow start-up time from sleep. If you are watching out for birds you may have to tap the shutter lightly with fairly short intervals to ensure the camera will be ready.

The build seems far better than any other mirrorless cameras to my hand/eyes.


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