Said Good Bye to my Canon 5D MK II today.

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Re: Said Good Bye to my Canon 5D MK II today.

I have both FF (5D) and MFT (G1) and although I can get very nice shallow DoF from my FF 50mm f1.4, 85mm f1.4 and 150mm f2.8 macro I don't feel that MFT is at any great disadvantage as I can get shallow DoF with my 25mm f0.95, 55mm f1.7 and even with my 20mm f1.7. The key is being willing to alter your camera to subject distance and / or framing / focal length to get the look that you want.

As a "problem" I think MFT DoF overrated, Bokeh is a different issue and is much more subjective but I personally find that I get lovely bokeh from my lenses when the subject is bokeh friendly.

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