Upgrading to FF: ?'s about 5DIII and D600

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Re: Upgrading to FF: ?'s about 5DIII and D600

Interesting discussion. I always used to shoot with canon's, but (personal preference here), I borrowed a nikon a few years ago and found that the ergonomics were much better. If you are a pro shooting everyday, you get very used to button placement and so the 'front ' buttons on the EOS system become second nature BUT if you shoot say 3 weekends from 4 and shoot say sports or family, I found that i wanted to change a setting quickly and would have to look at the three buttons and think which one, then front or back dial. I found the Nikon layout much easier and less confusing to get back up to speed with. Colours are also personal. I found that Canon photos had a sligtly more artificia; or plastic look to them.

I switched to Nikon with a D90 (and use a V1 kit for travelling). The V1 has better colours, WB and AF than my D90! I am now thinking of moving up to full frame with better lenses and focussing, so am trying to decide which system and lenses. The d4 is OTT for me, I have handled the D600 and D800 with the 70-200 and bizarrely the focus on the D600 felt snappier thah the 800 and was very accurate. As I only tend to use single focus lock anyway, the width of the focus array isnt a problem. I also like the quick user settings, but feel the mode dial is a bit cheap in terms of look and feel although the rest of the cam seems well put together.

As I am changing at least two of my three lenses, changing system is not a real issue. The Nikon is better value and I still have the ergonomics question mark, but will try both side by side in the next couple of weeks to see what the output in a comparable situation is.

Good luck with your decision.

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