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bobn2 wrote:

schmegg wrote:

Yes there is. Accountancy. They have sunk the capital into those fab lines, they have to use them, otherwise the bottom line goes into the red.

Business will quickly write off an investment if it has a significantly deleterious effect on the bottom line.

I used to do 'due diligence' consultancy to an investment bank, going into companies that they were investing in and evaluating the state of their technology. What you say really was not my experience. Companies typically failed because they hung onto a poor decision even when the evidence was overwhelming that it was a stinker. Particularly so if they had made a large strategic investment. Particularly sad is the pride companies have in their own technology and way of doing things, even when its clear that the competition is outperforming. Even if the company management is getting an inkling that a section is having trouble, turning that round is hard. Again, looking at Nikon's case, and just at their sensor operation, it took strategic intervention from the top over a five year period to expunge the miserable LBCAST idea (which the people doing it still thought was good) and replace it with conventional CMOS which they developed to industry leading performance.

“EOS Digital Rebel, 5D Mark III, and 60D all encountered lower sales than predicted”

"Within the Imaging System Business Unit, despite efforts to achieve sales growth with the competitively priced EOS Digital Rebel series along with the EOS 5D Mark III and EOS 60D advanced-amateur models, sales volumes of interchangeable-lens digital cameras decreased from the year-ago period due to a delayed new-product launch."

Is Slashgear reading between the lines?  Do they have additional evidence that 5DIII and 60D are not meeting expectations?

It sounds like evidence Bob is correct.

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