Please advise, Nikon d800e with 24-70mm v Canon 5d m3 with 24-70mm...

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Read your own post - you clearly equated fstop with dynamic range.

No f1.2 is used very little - but try it outside an prepare to be amazed.

No, I commented on you putting DR down as being worthless, but talking up f/1.2 as if it makes all the difference. Neither of the points you made is necessarily correct.

"D800 and d800e are primarily landscapers cameras and 5dIII for everything else"? Are you kidding? Is this supposed to be good advice? What can you photograph with a 5DIII that you can't photograph with a D800? What "pros" does the 5DIII have that allows it to shoot "everything"? and what "cons" does the D800 have that restricts it's use to landscapes?


I don't think the D800 is restricted to landscapes, but there surely are areas in which it won't excel at all. One of them, for example, is street photography.


Classifying these pictures as "street photography" would be quite controversial.

Only if you're wanting to generate an artificial controversy. They are 'street photography', pure and simple.

It's not because a picture is shot in the street that it's a "street photography" picture, although the genre isn't exactly well-defined.

Exactly, but now you want to define it to exclude these photos.

There are two reasons why for these pictures the D800 worked : the focal length, which put so much distance between the subject and the photographer that certain issues with the D800 don't matter, such as its shutter sound,

The shutter sound isn't really an issue. Yes, it's louder than the 5DIII in quiet mode. But it's not very obtrusive in the street. I've taken plenty of street photo's. The shutter caused not a stir, no-one even looked round to see what the noise was. Actually, the background noise in a typical street is enough to make either camera inaudible. There is an ethical question about 'stealth' photoethnography, in any case. Typically, your subjects should be aware that their photo is being taken.

none of these pictures seem to display requirement for a very high speed of operation (changing settings I mean, not AF).

Which is a complete red herring. It is faster to change most of the settings on a D800 than it is a Canon. That's why Nikons have so many buttons, takes longer to learn but once you do, and get it set up to your preference, you have a button or dial right under a finger for every setting that you want to change. There is a bit of disquiet amongst Nikonians that the AF settings are now 'button and dial' rather than direct switches, but it's still more direct than Canon.

Now, these may provide an example for a situation where the D800 may very well indeed do the job as a street photography camera (if you consider these street photography). I never said that the D800 won't do any street photography picture, but that it's a genre it won't excel at at all, and it would take a serious amount of bad faith to say the contrary.

I think the 'bad faith' is going the other way. No FF DSLR would be the tool of choice, but the D800 is fully as capable as the 5DIII for this genre. The one and only shortcoming is the shutter sound, but as I said, that is overplayed. The D800 also has important advantages, one being spot metering of the AF point - lets you focus on a face of the centre of the frame and meter to get that exposed right without 'meter recompose'. The face detection and tracking in the AF really works also, and is potentially a boon for photoethnography - a feature that the 5DIII does not have.

To be fair, I'm not exactly fond of DSLRs for that genre anyway, although the 5D III is the first DSLR I don't dislike or maybe even enjoy for that sort of photography.

Have you tried using a D800 fo this genre?

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