D5100 vs OM-D ??

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Re: D5100 vs OM-D ??

baloo_buc wrote:

Olympus is behind in all aspects. It is a little better than other m4/3s cameras but the ISO is more overstated, the color depth, dynamic range and high ISO are lower than Nikon's.

I think (because owned serveral Nikon DSLR + lenses) thad OMD in NOT behind Nikon 5100. It competes very well even with my (sold) D7000.

According to DPReview review of the OMD it's DR is better that the D5100 one (gradation auto in OMD and ADL Auto in Nikon D5100).

High iso numbers are about the same in real wold usage.

Olympus JPG engine is better than the Nikon one.

OMD has a weather sealed body (and kit lens)

OMD has a tiltable diplay (touchscreen)

Nikon has better ergonomics (it is larger)

Nikon has better battery life

They are different cameras... each is better for something and I really cannot understand you when you say that "olympus is behind in all aspects".

If you want a m4/3 camera you may consider it but don't compare with another class of cameras because it will lose any battle


Actually I think that OLY OMD is a better camera than D7000...

my huble opinion...

With any of them have fun!

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