Importance of IS?

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Re: Importance of IS?

Dorus wrote:

Lots of helpful and interesting responses so far. However, I do not understand this "IS as a crutch for poor technique" thing. If a situation calls for a wide open aperture and slow shutter speed would IS just not give you more opportunity to get the shot? How would better technique give you the same added flexibility?

It is simply one tool of many—not some universal solution. While a nice feature, it is not a panacea for image sharpness. It is in no way a crutch, but simply one solution appropriate to some photographic situations.
A photographer will pick the shutter-speed most appropriate for the situation, to provide the ISO and aperture desired. If there is no motion in the scene, IS can be very useful, allowing lower shutter speeds. If it can be confined to a single axis, it can provide a sharp motion-subject against a motion blurred background. 
IS only has an effect upon camera motion—not subject motion. Subject motion is  controlled only by shutter speed and gives you the options of motion blur or motion freeze. Having 5.0EV IS means nothing if the subject is in high-speed motion and a sharp background is the goal. Having 5.0EV IS is great for twilight photography of static scenes when you don't have otherwise appropriate camera support.

An effective tool when used wisely.

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