Has readership gone down since new deign? Locked

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Most confusuing thing is...

Most confusing thing is two items and two colors in one row. It "hurts" the eyes.

Nothing against blue for the thread title and white for the thread starter, but in one row it is confusing. Make a row for thread title and a row for thread starter (as it used to be I think), problem solved. Screens are wide enough these days. If really necessary make the letters a bit smaller, but not so small as they used to be.

Further colors should be consistent. When the thread starter in the forum content is white the thread starter (and posters) also should be white in the thread.

Different colors are useful but two items in one row are always confusing, in my opinion of course.

I am mainly a regular reader (seldom poster) but I really enjoyed the forum more before the change, even so in my opinion the letters for the thread title were a bit too small.

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