Upgrading to FF: ?'s about 5DIII and D600

Started Oct 24, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: My experience

Andrew53 wrote:

AllOtherNamesTaken wrote:

- Well implemented quiet shutter mode, but louder regular shutter

Disagree. The quiet mode is not all that quiet and not nearly as quiet as the 5D Mark III. I don't like the sound so I don't like to use it. Basicly it just trips the shutter and then waits for you to release the shutter button to set the shutter for the next shot. Like the Leica M9 silent shutter which is also not very nice. 5D Mark III is very quiet and there is really no comparing the two. I leave the quiet shutton on the 5D Mark III on all the time. When I am on the street I can hardly hear it.

I believe AlOtherNamesTaken referred to the 5D III's regular shutter mode when saying that it's louder, in comparison to the D600's shutter. When I directly compared the two, I also felt the same, but in fact a French magazine which actually measures DSLR shutters noise intensity in a controlled environment proved me wrong. The regular D600's shutter was measured at 59 dB if I correctly recall, the 5DIII regular shutter at 58, and the 5DIII silent mode at 52. The D600's quiet mode was practically identical to its regular mode (so basically quite useless).

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