Upgrading to FF: ?'s about 5DIII and D600

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jrmint wrote:

Thanks- that's very helpful. I'm also starting wonder a little about quality control with the D600, with the issues people have been reporting about oil spots and lots of dust on the sensor. And the AF on the 5DIII sounds like it's in another category from the D600.

I've used both , the AF is about the same. The D600 locked on better in the dark than my 5DM3 and tracked better from my experience. I used a 70-200/2.8 on both. Both are very good, and will not hold you back in any way. I could get my D600 to acquire focus in scenarios where I literally could not see the subject through the viewfinder it was so dark until my eyes adjusted a few seconds later. I own both brands and the D600 is the one I reach for 99% of the time, mostly because I feel it is 95% of a 5DM3 but with a better sensor and $1500 cheaper (where I live..that may

I own both the 5D Mark III and the D600. I've been using the D600 extenively over the past month as I am deciding to continue with Nikon or not.

AF is NOT the same in my experience. The 5D Mark III is better and better in low light. D600 is pretty good, much better than the 5D Mark II. I have taken both out at least three times for night shooting. 5D Mark III rarely misses. The D600 occsionaly won't focus.

- best auto WB I've ever used (it nailed WB under purple lighting and red heat lamps in the nocturnal exhibits at my zoo...never seen that before from any camera, ever. My Canons or my D300 could not do that)

Disagree. I've found the D600 to be the second worse AWB I've ever used. Leica is the worse. Pentax is the best. It has been very disappointing to me as colour is important to me. I've tested the AWB against four other brands. D600 usually is the odd man out under unusual lighting. In the daytime D600 is usually better than the 5D Mark III but occasionally makes gives a yellow-green cast. Even Ken Rockwell has noticed. I've even noticed the colour off on Nikon promotional material.

With a gray card the Canon 5D Mark III and the D600 give almost identical colours. However, a gray card isn't always what one wants on AWB. You want is what the eye sees, not what it would look like taken under D65 lighting. Night shots should look a little blue, in my opinion if the lighting is a little blue. Studio shots you probably want a different result and you probably will use a gray card anyway.

- Well implemented quiet shutter mode, but louder regular shutter

Disagree. The quiet mode is not all that quiet and not nearly as quiet as the 5D Mark III. I don't like the sound so I don't like to use it. Basicly it just trips the shutter and then waits for you to release the shutter button to set the shutter for the next shot. Like the Leica M9 silent shutter which is also not very nice. 5D Mark III is very quiet and there is really no comparing the two. I leave the quiet shutton on the 5D Mark III on all the time. When I am on the street I can hardly hear it.

Quality control is a non-issue. I've seen maybe 3-4 threads about dust/oil. I've had dust and oil on every sensor of every DSLR I've owned regardless of brand. Most of the time it's not even visible in the photos, so most people (all brands) prob

I have had the dust issue in less than a month of use. I have never noticed dust being an issue with my 5D Mark III. I live in a very humid tropical climate so I am hoping the dust is from the manufacturing and will eventaully go away. Maybe it is lens dependent. That said, I've had issues with other Canon cameras in the past.

The cameras share the same build quality, with the lens mount being screwed into plastic, and metal cladding added on top of the plastic frames. The 5DM3 has one additional non-structural metal front panel.

D600 has good build quality and is noticablly lighter. 5D Mark III feels like it has better build quality.

As for lenses, both sides have lenses the other wish they had. Nikon has better wide angles and better "enthusiast" 1.8 primes, canon has the 100-400L, 300/4 IS, and the 5X macro. For the most part it's a wash, and I don't think anyone would have trouble finding a reasonable equivalent on either side.

I prefer the look of Canon L lenses so far. This is a personal choice of course, but the more I investigate the more I prefer L lenses to almost anything from Nikon. I bought the D600 because I own and like the 50mm f1.2 AIS. Given the other issues I am reluctant to invest any more in the better Nikon lenses. I like the Tamron 70-300. I like the look of Zeiss lenses the most but unfortuantely no AF. The new 24-70 f2.8 Mark II is outstanding has no equivilent from anybody. It really is sharp from edge to edge wide open.

D600 has better DR and can be useful if you need to bring out the shadows. This advantage goes away for exposures over 1 second and at higher ISOs. Resolution is slightly better due to more Mpx but you need a magnifying glass to see it. D600 gives up nothing to the 5DIII on noise at any ISO. I would probably give a slight edge to the D600 in IQ but only a side by side comparision under controled conditions will show it.

All my processing is in LR from RAW so my IQ comments don't apply to JPG, Nikon or Canon software.

Anyways, that's been my experience. I hope it helps.

Likewise my comments based on my experience over the last month of use with both cameras. Both cameras are very good and better than most, but the 5D Mark III is better in my opinion.

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