Why D400 and not D600

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Re: Why D400 and not D600

Dinahhs3 wrote:

I am just starting my way in photography , I have a D3200 and happy with it...so excuse my ignorance if the answer is so obvious ...

Just curiouse why people are waiting so eagerly For the D400 while the D600 looks so amazing , in the fx forum I am reading amazing stuff about the D600

What are you waiting in the d400 that is not found in the D600 ? ( lets set the price aside


the answer is simple:

because the crop factor 1.5x. Some feels that it's DX weakness but i said it's DX strong value.

Example: 70-200mm f2.8 in full frame will be the same focal length. For wildlife photography or outdoor photography if u use DX the focal length will be 105-300mm f2.8. This is a huge advantages.

Using tele converter such 0.45x makes the F double. So if the max F is 2.8, it will become F5.6. This make speed slower although it gave additional length. DX is automatic extend the focal length without tele converter. Meanwhile if we use FX we need tele converter.

For outdoor photographer who love capturing landscape and building no need bokeh. Main advantages of FX (Full Frame) is their bokeh is more deep. Depth of field far better, but do we need them? Most of us, don't. Even fashion photography no need bokeh so much.

Good at low ISO? again, do we need it? how often we take pictures in lowlight condition and most of photographer prefer using external flash.

Lastly, fps. Nikon FF very slow except (under 6 fps) D3s and D4. For sport photography, this is slow.

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