Taking bets: GX2 will be...?

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Re: Inside the marketing mind
For those of us who are among the more mature photographers in chronological terms, it can be disappointing to see or perceive that too great a focus is given on designing new cameras for the younger generations. Tough, it has always been that way.

To some people it is 'common sense' to design a rangefinder style camera with a built in EVF. To them I will quote one of my favourite Victorian authors and say that:

Common sense is often nothing more than common prejudice.

So, if you are an older photographer like me and you don't like the design of the GX2 when it arrives, please continue to make a lot of noise in forums about what you would like to see and why, but don't be surprised if a large part of the world disagrees with you and Panasonic has listened to that majority.

You might be right but in this case it is pretty easy to predict that a rangefinder style camera with built in EVF will show up in the lineup of either Panasonic or Olympus or both in a not to distant future. Why? It is a market niche that is selling well but where there is no m43 offerings despite having a system that is fully compatible with such a camera.

Will the GX2 be that camera? I don't know but the GX1 fills a different niche very well. I don't think Panasonic will abandon it. Due to the talk from Olympus about a "viewfinder revolution" I would expect them to move first, especially since they seem to be doing something about the EP-series market position but who knows.

Being a young(ish) person however i must ask: I thought that any kind of viewfinder was a huge improvement for people withe the eye-problems that tend to come with age? So wouldn't you say that a rangefinder with EVF is more a camera for old people than the GX1?

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