How do you get started connecting...

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How do you get started connecting...

This is a new world for an old guy like me. I've been using a DSLR for a while, and avidly following DPReview for several years,  but the immediacy of mobile photography/instant sharing and this new site is very exciting. The problem is, I don't know what "it" is, if you know what I mean.

Can anybody help me start from the beginning? Assume my digital knowledge stopped at email and attaching a jpeg.

Assume I've never sent a "chat" via phone in my life (true), that the cellphone I have is so old it not only doesn't take photographs it doesn't have texting (or maybe it does, I don't know).

How is mobile connection/photography/sharing different than sending an email with an image? Or posting it on a website like flickr or

I assume it starts with a mobile device, so first

1. Get the device (an iPhone, Android something like that?) that can take the image and then transmit it wirelessly? Does it have to be a cell phone, can it be something like an iPod or basic iPad with WiFi?

2. Take pictures (yeah, but sometimes the obvious isn't so obvious) and either process them, or not, in the device with one of hundreds of mobil apps (this part I get from using an iPad).

3. "Share" those images?  And that's where the confusion starts.

Assume I've never tweeted, or "chatted" via phone in my life (true), where do you send the images?

Do you have I hear a lot about "Instagram" and the millions of images whizzing around through the digital ether, but where are they going, how do they get there? I assume you to join some sort of network like Twitter or Facebook?  Or email them to friends, or is this not really like email at all?

And I hear every image should have a "hashtag" to let people find it when searching that subject? So you tag the image with a hashtag followed by a description?

Any and all basic guidance would be much appreciated,


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