Sony A99 Australia - GPS? 24p? I'm confused

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Re: Sony A99 Australia - GPS? 24p? I'm confused

Cyberman wrote:

I'm in Australia, and the OP asked about the Australian model.

The Australian model is the V (with GPS).

The Australian model will be a PAL model, and from the instruction manual it appears that you can select either PAL or NTSC modes, therefore 24p, 25p, 30p, 50p, 60p (unless the Australian model is a bizarre model that's not the same as the manual we've seen online, which is unlikely). Unfortunately the A99 was due on 23rd October, but is running late. I'm expecting mine on the first day, which will probably be late next week, so until then no-one outside Sony can tell you with 100% certainty about the Australian model.

Finally I'd like to point out if you're planning on using the camera for business, you can register for an "ABN" (Australian Business Number) with the Australian Tax Office so you can get the 10% GST refunded (all Australian prices shown include this tax), as long as when you apply for an ABN you select the option to "register for GST". This possibly makes Australia the cheapest place in the world to buy an A99.

The Sony store on George st in Sydney got them yesterday.  I went in there and had a play with it.

Wow the EVF is soooooo much better than my NEX-7.

The store model at least has GPS, so I presume they all do.  I didn't check if it does 60P.. because... I can't see what difference it would make.

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