How good is the EF 50 f1.8 II

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Re: How good is the EF 50 f1.8 II

I am not sure, for the people in this thread who have given harsh comments on the 50 f/1.8 II, how many pictures have you taken with this lens?

I have used this lens to take 10k+ pictures for my child before it broke into two parts. Actually it broke into two a few months ago when it knocked into ground but I managed to glue it together until it broke gain after knocked into ground again. This time I failed to save it. Total years it served is over 3 years. I believe it could live much longer if I didn't knocked it twice. Yes, the build feels cheap, but it doesn't mean that it cannot last, as long as you don't abuse it.

I used it on a cropped camera, 550D.

It is not a USM lens, it uses micro motor and tends to produce noise when focus. And the focus ring moves when focusing, so if you have been spoiled by USM lens, don't buy this one. But the focus speed is reasonably fast, comparable to the 40mm pancake (I just bought one after the 50 f/1.8 II died in peace).

For the focus accuracy, I achieve reasonably accurate focus on the center cross AF point, which I used 99% of the time, I cannot comment much on the accuracy when use those side AF points though. I used the word "reasonably" here because sometimes I did get non-sharp pictures but AF may not be the only reason, camera shake and subject moving (as most of the time child is moving) should also be factored in.

For the sharpness, it is right sharp from f/1.8 at center if you managed to get your focus right because at that aperture the DOF is only a few cm thin. I cannot comment much on the corner sharpness as usually they are out of focus.

The bokeh if a bit busy for some backgrounds like tree leaves, and the highlights is, as mentioned by another post, not circular but pentagon. so if you are looking for circular highlights and creamy bokeh, please ignore this lens. However, to be honest, for a creamy bokeh you'd better find it from some more tele range fast lens but not a normal prime.

Based on my usage, my feel for this lens is: it produces great image quality for my use (photo child). and it suits well in low-light conditions. However, it is a bit long when shoot indoor on a cropped censor. That's part of the reason I opt for the 40mm after it broke. I still miss the extra stop it could give me though.

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