Would you sell your 70-200 f2.8 VRI for the 70-200 f4 VRIII?

Started Oct 24, 2012 | Discussions thread
Mako2011 Forum Pro • Posts: 24,975
Not so much

kayone wrote:

Leuf wrote:

If they made one without VR I would probably buy it in addition to my VR I. VR is basically useless to me since I use this lens on moving subjects, but everyone else has got to have it apparently. I cannot see essentially trading my VR I even money for the f/4. In any event I would wait to see what Tokina does with their f/4 next year.

Not to sound patronizing, but you know that's why the 70-200 2.8 has the active VR mode meant for VR of moving subjects and panning shots, right?

Active Mode VR is not meant for moving objects but for the camera moving different as in when shooting from a boat or other moving platform.  Panning mode also adjusts for the type of camera movement of the lens and not the subject though it will help in an actual panning shot if the panning technique is really good to begin with....it will not help though in Leuf's situation though unless he's looking to get a sharp background.

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