what is the gp-1A about?

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Save yourself $300

The GP-1A looks pretty much like the GP-1 which I have.

Let me save you $300 - don't get it, it sucks. For $300 bucks you expect something that is sort of useful.

Cr@ppy things about the GP-1:

  • needs good view of sky to get signal, slow lock
  • GPS coordinates are only recorded when the unit has a lock (i.e. anytime something blocks the sky, you have no GPS data and no location info) - e.g. it doesn't use the last known position when you enter a building
  • incredibly inconvenient - stiff cable which dwarfs the unit gets in the way of everything
  • mounting on the hot shoe means flash cannot be opened
  • while the unit has a cable to connect to a 10 pin socket, there is no way to connect a 10 pin remote to the unit - so people using 10 pin remotes are supposed to buy another remote?
  • no direction information - though the camera will display it (I believe some alternatives to, which would be good for logging direction shot taken)
  • they have actually raised the price on this??? I think it was around $200+

If you really want to throw away $300 - send it to me. Alternatively give it to charity.

Alternate solutions:

  • take a picture with your smart phone at every location you want to log and copy the data from the smart phone picture using View NX - smart phones use assisted GPS and are far more accurate and many (like iPhones) will have a location inside buildings etc. Even if you were using a GP-1 mounted to your camera, you will most likely not have GPS data for most images for the reasons above and will have to copy.
  • run an application on your smart phone like gps4cam
  • try an alternative product like Aokatec (around $80)- in order to be worse than the Nikon GP-1, it would have to be so incredibly poor. If it mounts on the camera like it's supposed to, it's already doing better.
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