Hacking project for NEX-5n?

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Re: Hacking project for NEX-5n?

DuncanDovovan wrote:

Kuturgan wrote:

As most of you know someone called "Someone1.00" was leading a project aimed to provide NEX-5n with improvements and new features like higher Bracketing Exposure in RAW, Higher bit rate for video, Auto ISO limitation etc. http://www.nex-hack.com/index.php/forum/12-hacking-project-general/

But since mid September there is no any update of information on the website concerning the phase and progress of this project. Does anyone have an information about that project?

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Don't take a picture, create!

Look again, the NEX-5 has been cracked:


Note, this is "only" cracking, meaning to extract the firmware and ability to repack it. There is no new functionality yet.

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Bravo nex-hack people. Since it's already painfully clear that the 5N is a has-been in Sony's eyes and we'll likely never see another firmware upgrade, it's good to see what others will be able to accomplish with it and the 1st gen 5 which is even more forgotten at Sony.

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