Do you feel that Canon "price gouged" early 5D III buyers?

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Re: Do you feel that Canon "price gouged" early 5D III buyers?

It's basic economics. Would you rather they charge you what the first run of cameras really cost? The first camera off the line literally costs tens of millions to manufacture, the second one about half that, and it decreases further (although, not in a linear fashion). Demand was high and supply low when the camera was released. It's just a fact borne of the reality of retooling and manufacturing costs.

Should I be angry at Samsung because not only is the TV I bought discontinued, but the current offering in the same product line retail for almost $1,000 less now? Should I be angry at Seagate because their 1TB 7200RPM hard drives I paid $300 for years ago now retail for under $80?

Technology moves forward, manufacturing costs are amortized, and the price of tech products comes down after the products have been on the market for a while. It's just the reality of the situation. Am I angry I paid $1800 for my 7D a few years ago and now it can be had much more cheaply? No, not at all.  I'm going to be buying a 5D mk III soon - as soon as it dips below $3,000 - and it will.

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