Would you return/haggle with open box camera sold as new?

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Re: Would you return/haggle with open box camera sold as new?

I work for a (bricks & morter) camera store in Australia so I'll share my thoughts.  As a policy in my store we don't power on any cameras for customers, even the models on display.  The reason for this is partly to compete on price with the ever growing online market and thus reduce the need to waste money on demos.  It's an unusual way to do things, even in this country but our customers come to realise the goods they get are new, genuine and sold by knowlegable salespeople.

We still have to physically open boxes to show cameras for display and let the customers handle but they remain unused, electronically speaking.

So it's certainly strange to hear you talk of an online retailer who is shipping out used gear as I can't think of a legitimate reason they would do so.  On the other hand you could say that just like a 'new' car, they always have a few miles on them at delivery... Not quite the same thing.

Id be more upset with the damaged packaging, as that directly affects your resale.  I think you have more than enough grounds to seek an explanation or exchange if you wish.

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