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18-55: Fast. Versatile. Can take moving objects.

35mm: Low light, sharp and clear.

wah thanks..both of then.. are interesting... make me confusing... :(..

Not something that can be answered. Very much a matter of personal preference, based upon your approach to photography. You might choose the zoom and I the prime. We would both be right if it matches our style.

how bout 14mm? pro and cons..i interested cause its very small..

It is also very wide—equivalent to a 21mm lens on a full frame camera—covering an angle of 90°. Not for general purpose photography, and can be challenging to use. Great for architecture interiors and exteriors. It will greatly emphasize perspective for special wide-angle effects. It will give a feeling of vastness to landscapes and panoramas. It can do very effective environmental portraiture as long as the subject is near the centre of the frame. On the other hand, close-up photography of people can be grotesque. If you are not familiar with super-wide lenses, expect to do a lot of practicing with it.

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oh ok2 ..thx for explained 14mm lens...i thought its not what im looking for..i only love the pancakes size...

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