Should I pull the trigger on a 5DC?

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Re: Should I pull the trigger on a 5DC?

newone757 wrote:

Wow are those first few really F4? The separation is impressive. I do intend on using this a lot with my kids so those shot are very encouraging.

Yes, all at f4 with Canon 70-200 f4 (non IS version), and around 100-135mm. Great lens for portrait work IMO. Focuses very fast and accurate on the 5D, and wicked sharp wide open. Below is a 100% crop of what that lens can do.

The shot with the bath water, did you use a speed light to freeze the drops like that. I can't imagine the shutter speed could be set that fast indoors unless its crazy bright in that bathroom. Looks great though.

Yep, old 550 EX bounced off the ceiling and wall behind me.

the body I have is in EXCELLENT condition in regards to dirt. Sensor is clean as a whistle and everything seems like its barely been used. Seller claimed it was hardly used before going into storage the last few years and I believe him. The only issue. I see are a little bit of corrosion/rust on the hotshoe- but my new 430ex worked fine on it. I imagine te rust and corrosion have something to do with us being in Hawaii lol. Still trying to learn it. The AF is waaaay faster than my xpro lol, particularly in low light. If people say its slow I can't imagine what they'd think of my xpro 1. The mkIII AF must be instantaneous off it is an improvement over this. I guess I'm easy to please

The 5D and most pre-2007 Canons had a black painted hot show and the paint always wears off. Unless you never mount a flash, they get worn. You can buy replacement hot shoe plates on ebay for about $15, very easy to replace but it's nothing to worry about.

That 100% wide crop from image above, plus another (click 'view original'). Yes, this lens is good!

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