Likely DX Future includes D400 according to Thom!

Started Oct 23, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Kerry, what do you think about the D3200 sensor?

Kerry Pierce wrote:

Like most here, I've been following Thom's articles with interest. We even had a small email exchange on the topic that I found even more interesting.

I've done a lot of thinking about where I want to go and what I need to get there. For my needs, a d400 will likely be the last camera that I buy. Unless there is a significant breakthrough in technology, the sensors will soon have little room for improvement. If the d400 sensor performs better than the sensors in the d7k/d5100, then I'll be happy for a very long time.

I would think that the D400 would have the D3200 sensor (a newer version perhaps) provided they can get some FPS out of that size sensor.  Just sensor wise, if they stuck the D3200 sensor in the D300 body, and kept the FPS, auto focus, etc  same-or- better,,. are you happy with the D3200 sensor at this point, is that what you are looking for?

I can wait to see what the D400 will be.  I use the D200 & D300 now.  I still use the D200 over the D300 for portrait work in good light if I don't need the extra DR,.. the D200's iso 100 is still unmatched by the D300 as far as noise.  I already see the D600 & D800 win hands down over the D300 in that area.  waiting to see what the D400 has to offer.

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