Is Canon out of touch ?

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Re: Your only supporting my arguement...

rrccad wrote:

you do realize that was the first constant 24-70 2.8 zoom released right? in 2002? most other companies at the time had 28-70 2.8's.

The reverse zoom should have stayed btw, you calling that a "design flaw" is .. odd.

the new speedlights are brilliant .. i guess pocketwizards are out of touch too ..

Not sure I understand your PocketWizard quip, it sounds as if you read my post to mean "the radio system is bad", which couldn't be further from the posted message.  At no time did I say the new speedlights weren't any good, I just stated Canon missed that trick by a good number of years.

And no, I wouldn't call reversing zoom is a "design flaw", as it worked as the they designed it. I was eluding to the fact that it was odd and wasn't very well accepted, at least by those I knew who had used it, similar to the push/pull 100-400 lens. The reversing zoom would fall under the category design issue, as they proved in the reverting to the conventional method in the II version.

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