WOW, K5II-s vs a99 base iso raw-

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Re: WOW, K5II-s vs a99 base iso raw-

The K5IIs is good, the A99 has more detail in the fabric without a doubt, it's a nice camera. Everybody makes nice products with little differences here and bigger there. Take it easy, enjoy life. Competitions are so left brained masculine crazyiness that it lacks the balance of right brain feminine  artistic and lateral thinking.

So tiring, so stupid.


Maxeyesore wrote:

So this is from a sony thread that has been trying to bash the D600 in favor of the a99. I popped in to suggest a base iso comparison with the II-s and a99, and was met with a tidal wave of hate and insults. Either way, I managed to escape with my life and a little raw file here.

Notice the two are focused at very different points. The interesting thing is, even though the II-s is OOF on the wall chart, it is still fairly close in sharpness to the a99, but comparing the cloth in the cup, it is a blowout. The K5 is leagues ahead. Perhaps the DOF is more shallow on the a99? Either way, the fact that the K5 which is obviously front focused is still close at the chart is impressive.

I said it there so I'll say it here, I am expecting the II-s to outresolve the $2800 a99 at lower iso, of course falling off at higher stops as FF is simply FF. Tell us what you think.

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